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  I somewhat remember the first time I purchased an SCC shirt. It was at the Myrtle Beach Spring Rally in either 2004 or 05. I stumbled (literally) into a booth, across from the SBB Original, that was slingin an assortment of all that cool shit. The stuff you never seem to run across grinding at home to your daily routine. The Pole Girl Logo caught my eye, as at that time, I frequented many establishments that catered to some great times and we'll leave it at that. Anyway, this was a merch garment I couldn't pass up. In years and rallies to follow, whenever I came across someone slingin SCC gear, I always tried to purchase a new design or item that I didn't own.


  Did you ever have something stuck in your head and swear that you'll never do......but......down the road you find yourself doing it anyway???? Well that was me with "Facebook" and social media. I swore up and down it was a bunch of bullshit, and I didn't have time for the nonsense. Why would I want to know about anyone's business, let alone want them to know about mine? With some persuasion I eventually caved.


  It was on Facebook that I came across, in my "News Feed", an offer to purchase franchises of Strip Club Choppers. HOLY SHIT!!!, this was an offer I had to contemplate and consider. So, I saddled up and went for a putt. No direction, no time, no destination....Just Ride.....and weigh it out. I argued with myself, as I always seem to do in these kinds of situations. Being objective on all sides and going back and forth, which is a quirk I hate, I finally got exhausted with the bullshit, pulled to the side of the road and made the call. It was early 2011 and I purchased the Pennsylvania franchise.....within a couple months the New Jersey franchise was added ( shit so close to Jersey....why not ). 

  Knowing that you only get out of something what you put into it, SCC Pa/Nj began. Humping a 10x10 EazyUp in the back seat of a coupe, and all the merch loaded in the trunk in vacuum shrink bags, off I went. Not many franchises then, so I hit the road. Down the East Coast, into the Central Time Zone, and up to the Northeast part of this great Country. I was like dog shit....always in somebody's yard. One quick event that I'll never forget was at the Cincinnati Convention Center.


  Jacked and stacked, I come rolling into the complex in my Hyundai. With my site  I.D. placed on the dash, I begin to weave my way through the complex. The Convention Center was impressive, and a whole lot of everything goin on. It was the last day of set up so displays, merchandise, vehicles, equipment and people were everywhere and anywhere enroute to my spot. Event organizers were smart in having flaggers spaced accordingly to direct all incoming vendors to where they needed to be. Thank God for that or I'd still be drivin around that place. As I'm jockey around this corner, that corner, down this way, and down that way, over here and over there, I'm realize many of the Industries Elite are on hand for this one. To this day that is still the largest indoor event I have attended. When my jaunt through the gauntlet of chaos concluded and I was finally at my spot, I'd be calling home for the weekend, I see I'm placed right between Drag and Yamaha along with their huge rigs and displays. Well shit, I pulled in, popped the trunk, had my EZup erected in a blink of an eye, hung my merch from links of chain hangin on the framework of the pop up, and was kicked back in my chair within 15 minutes. I introduce myself to my neighbors and let them know SCC was is in the house. When that weekend was over any of those around me that had never heard of Strip Club Choppers, knew exactly who we were. The SCC contraband was slingin that weekend.

  Sometimes you don't realize how much things change, but when I look back to the beginning things have changed a lot. One bike has been converted to a fully functional "Stripperglide" with flame throwing pole and dance platform, an 11' spinning stage, a kickass sound system, and can accommodate up to a 50' x 40' set-up. For events we are invited to attend we promote, we market to our constantly growing email fan list, as does our vendors list that we extend to event coordinators. We now also host our own "Strip Club Tour Run", an Xmas Holiday Production "Naughty or Nice", and  along with Randys Cycle Shack "Nuthin Fancy" which is a 3 day festival in August. We also launched SCCPANJ Productions coordinating "Hard Rock Nights" with some of the best bands this area has to offer, and we have just promoted our 1st Concert coming October 2019 called "The-SHOW". Whatever we attend or whatever we do we are ALWAYS slinging our unique brand of biker apparel, parts, swag, and jewelry while taking care of the "SCC Pa/Nj Faithful". 

  It's been one helluva ride, and the franchise would not be where it is today without the efforts of all those that have helped along the way, and especially all of you who have supported us. 

Thank You ALL

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